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Record Cue Next

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mcs posted on 02-16-2012 10:37 PM

My (incorrect) understanding of record cue next is that it it should, in theory, select the next unrecorded cue number in the list... so if i have

cue 1/1
cue 1/2
cue 1/3
cue 1/4

record cue next should in theory select cue 1/5

However, i've found that if i'm in cue 1, and i say record cue next, cue 2 shows up in the command line...
Is this really what's supposed to happen in this situation? 


beyond that, if if i have more than 1 list (say cue list 2 is loaded in the master and i'm editing...), record cue next always seems to select my next available cue in my lowest cue list number...

record cue 2/1
record cue 2/2
record cue 2/3
record cue next = 1/x

This definitely seems wrong to me...  or am i crazy? 


thank you!



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The behaviour is what is expected - it is based on the selected cue (what is in your command line), not what is in the master playback. So, even if cue list 2 is in your master playback, if cue 1/2 is on your command line, [Record][Next] will populate with 1/3.

Hope that helps-


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hmm... that seem like odd behavior, considering how record next works when recording presets or palettes, or when patching- since it select the next available empty spot (even though it will select the next at the end of the list, regardless of blank spaces in between- which i understand)


how 'bout a

record shift next

to get to the next available whole number... or something like that...

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Actually, the logic is basically the same. With Presets and Palettes, though, there's a pretty high chance that your next one from your current "pointer" is the next free one.

I think your Shift-Next idea is an interesting one, though!


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I agree that Record Cue Shift-Next would be a great option to have. To be able to append a new Cue to the end of the Cue Stack would be helpful rather than paging through the Cue List to find out what the next available whole number is.

I was hoping that it would show up on version 2.0

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i asked the same some time ago. if memory serves, Anne answered that among other things it's a problem with legacy consoles and it would lead to a "world of hurt". i can accept that.

but i do like Shift-Next !

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I second the shift next,

At the mo my work around instead of scrolling to the end is

[Record] [Cue] [899] [Last] [Next] [Enter}

Cue 899 being a linked safety cue to stop me rolling into rig check stuff. The cue number or it being linked is irrelevant, just that I always know that's the last cue in the stack to refer to.


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