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element version2

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pierre MARCHAND posted on 02-09-2012 2:07 PM


where can i find the last version of "element"  version 2.0?

We can't find the French tea break version on ETC web site... why?
Thanks for your look

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If you are refering to console software version 2.0 for Element you will not find it anywhere yet as it hasn't been released!

The latest version is 1.9.9 which can be found here - http://www.etcconnect.com/product.software.signin.aspx?docID=23045&ID=22010

This will be replaced with 1.9.10 within the next week or so, I would advise waiting for that version as it has some important bug fixes in it.


I'm not sure where the French Tea Break Tutorials have gone, but I would hazard a guess that they have been pulled down temporarily whilst the recent updates are translated. I'm sure someone will be along soon to confirm that.




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Hi, the French version of the Tea Break Tutorials for Element is indeed no longer posted as the latest version (for 1.9.8 and higher) is not yet translated. If you let me know your email, however, I can send you a copy of the 1.9 version.

Or, feel free to email me: luke.delwiche@etcconnect.com


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Hi Graham

thanks for your quick response,i get and try it


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