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Ion to Net3 Communication Issue

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MattWebb Posted: 01-25-2012 8:03 PM

In trying to set up my Ion again after receiving it from the shop, I'm unable to get it to fully communicate with my 2-port Net3 Gateway. As far as I can tell, I have all IP addresses assigned correctly: GCE recognizes the node, and I can even remotely flash the LCD screen as well as ping the node's IP. But, I can't send DMX information.

I have the network set up as simply as possible - both ports are on Universe 1 and there's direct Ethernet from console to node. The console sends direct DMX perfectly and all DMXable fixtures on the node are working correctly. Also, I've got a second loaner Ion that sends to the node without any trouble, so I know the network itself is working.

Is there some obvious setting I'm missing? Console IP is, node address is currently set at, although I've tried it in automatic DHCP as well. As far as I can tell, all network settings are identical between the two consoles. Both console IDs are even the same.

Any ideas, or can I provide any more info that might make the situation clearer? I'll call tech support in the morning if no one's here right now to go "Aha! That's THIS check box!" and get me on track.



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Is it possible that either your gateway or your console are set to use Draft sACN standard, and the other is set to Ratified?

On the console that is located in the shell under the settings area.  Try checking or unchecking that box as needed to see if that helps.

Otherwise, I'd do the same as you and contact Tech Support in the morning.


Dennis Witte San Francisco

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A net3 gateway will accept ratified and draft sACN at the same time so setting shouldn't matter in this system. One thing to check is that sACN is enabled as an output from the ION. I don't recall exactly where this is, but you will need to exit form ION and enter the settings menu in the shell to check this. There will be checkboxes for sACN, ArtNet, Net2...

If that doesn't fix it, let us know what software version the console and the gateway are running. It would also be good to knowif the gateway is in NET3 or ETNet3 mode.

Bryan Palmer

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