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Controlling Fade Curve from Console

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mnicolai Posted: 01-25-2012 3:33 AM

Any chance in a firmware update we could get control of fade curves (Linear, Standard, Quick, etc) on Desire fixtures via an added channel of DMX?

Something like when DMX on a given channel is 0-15%, the curve is Linear, 16%-30% is Standard, etc.

We have a rig of 40 fixtures, roughly half are 11" Vivids, and the other half are D60 Vivid's. We set all of the D60's to Quick because for most of what we do, it's preferable to have all of our LED's behave the same with the same fade times, but I have noticed that fading can be kind of "jumpy" on this setting.

It'd be desirable to have the ability to change the curve setting from the console, so when we need the fixtures to have a Quick curve, we can do that, but for those three cues in the show we need a really smooth fade, we can set them to Standard or Tungsten.

Mike Nicolai

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