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wkoch3 posted on 09-18-2011 10:09 PM

Does the selador vivid-r do a good white wash, I'm doing research for a high school auditorium, we do a Halloween, Christmas, and Spring Concert, where the vivid's color spectrum is very useful, but we also do musicals and plays with conventional or abstract lighting designs, so we need something that can go from a warm to cold wash as well as do colors, we do have conventionals to use alongside our leds, we've had LED pars where I can change the color temperature of our conventionals slightly, but it doesn't do a good harsh cold wash, I can't get rid of the warmth of the conventionals, I just want to know what general capabilities the vivid has. We also are purchasing an ion, if that helps at all.

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You CAN get a good white wash from Vivid.  A great one, in fact.  It will do high-quality white light across the whole range of color temperatures, from very warm candle light to harsh cold, bluish white.  This is true for both the Vivid-R of the classic Selador strip line as well as the new Desire Vivid fixtures.   

But Vivid is really best at doing vibrant color.

The Vivid LED color mix is skewed slightly so that you get extra punch in reds, blues, purples, and pinks.  With all LEDs at full brightness, the resulting light is quite pinkish.  Vivid / Vivid-R can produce great white light and soft colors, but it really maximizes its output in the deeply saturated colors, especially those reds and blues.

Compare that with another color option, Lustr in the classic line or Lustr+ in the Desire line.  Lustr and Lustr+ can also do vibrant color like Vivid, but the LED mix is less skewed toward pink, so the reds and blues don't pop quite as much.  In exchange, you get overall brighter output from Lustr when doing very soft pastel colors and variations of white light than you would using Vivid.

If you plan to use these LED fixtures in tandem with conventional tungsten, then go with the Vivid mix to maximize your color output.  When you want softer colors or variations of white light, use Vivid to tint the light from your tungsten lamps.  This is the easiest, most cost-effective way to get great stage washes.  

However, if you want to replace tungsten altogether with LEDs, Lustr is probably the more flexible option and will give you more bang for your buck when doing soft colors and white washes.  Don't expect, though, to be able to replace the unfiltered, white-light output of a tungsten PAR with a single Lustr.  Lustr is bright, but not that bright.  In open white,  you'd be looking at around 25-35% of the output of bare tungsten.  This is why the hybrid tungsten+Vivid approach makes so much sense.

Ion can help you easily control color.  It contains great profiles for all fixtures in the Selador lineup.  

If you haven't yet looked at the Desire series, here are just a few highlights versus classic Selador:  increased output per fixture (20-50% over classic Selador, depending on the color mix); vastly expanded control options (adjustments for things like DMX profile, dimming curve, etc.); fanless operation in D40 units (the larger D60 units use fans like classic Selador); and calibrated color for increased consistency across multiple units.  Take a look at Desire before finalizing your spec.

I hope this helps.

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