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Vivid Section control

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Wott posted on 04-04-2011 1:13 PM

I have 2 Vivid's that have 2 section and 2 that have 4.  They are setup on the floor in a 2-4-4-2 arangement.I have consistanly had problems with not all of them fading up. The 2 units that only have 2 section are on a different DMX address than the 2 units that have 4. They are controled by an Element board. Yesterday I selected the same color for all of them and faded them up. One of the units with 2 sections only had one secton on and one of the units with 4 only had 3. Sometimes they all work. The patern of the sections that do not respond is not consistant from week to week, at it's worst I had one 4 secton unit with only 2 on the other had 1, and the last unit in the chane had only one. All the units have power and do respond to any changes you make in the DMX address. Anyone have thought as to what might be going wrong?

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It sounds like the key is the difference from week to week.

What changes? Patch, show file, placement of fixtures, fixture addresses, cabling...

My first thought is that you have an error in how you are patching, particularly which personanlities are used for which fixtures.

Rick Reid, LC

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I checked last night and the unit with two sections are patched as Vivid 21 the units with 4 are patched as Vivid 42.

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Just a suggestion. I've personally never enjoyed / had great luck with running any sort of multi intensity fixture as a multi intensity fixture. I always manage to mess up which intensity channel I'm supposed to be bringing to full, and which color Red is for which section. I've never used the Vivids, but I know with ColorBlazes I end up patching them as single cell sources. 

So for the Vivid 21, rather than patching 1 Vivid 21, I would patch 2 Vivid 11's. Vivid 42 would be 4 Vivid 11's

The Vivid's take 8 DMX channels per "section"

So if your Vivid 21 is currently patched at 1

you would patch 2 Vivid 11's. The first at 1. The second at 9.  

I assume that your show is already programmed which might make this hard to do, but if you have time to go though and check for errors, it might not be that painful for you to change your patch. When you've been using the Vivids, have you been splitting colors within each unit, or using the whole unit as one color?

If each unit has only been used as one color, then you can easily split the units without losing programming.

You can use the Copy To function in patch to replicate your programming to another channels.

So lets say that your SL Vivid 21 is channel (1)

in Patch you can [1] [Copy To] [2] {Entire Show} [Enter]

This will now make channel 2 the same as channel 1 in programming. But both channel 1 and 2 will show as Type Vivid 21. You can change them to both Vivid 11's.

Then channel 1 would patch at 1 and channel 2 at 9.

For the Vivid 42's  say that it is channel (10)

[10] [Copy To] [11] [Thru] [13] {Entire Show} [Enter]

Then change the type to Vivid 11's and fix your patch.


While this doesn't necessarily solve your problem at the moment, it might be usefull in the future.





Benjamin Travis


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