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iRFR for Andriod

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The aRFR 'demo version' is not really intended to allow you to evaluate the software alone, but more to test the ability of your hardware to run the software and connect to the system.

ETC have not tested the app with every Android device in the marketplace, so this way you can at least make sure you can establish a connection before you fork out the money.


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Steve, here 's a step by step walk-through (I am using the 1.9.8 beta, so the options might be a bit different if you are using 1.9.6):

On your laptop:

  • Launch the EOS/ION offline application.
  • In the Offline shell, click on the Settings button.
  • Click on the RFR button and make sure that "Enable WiFi Remote" is checked.
  • Click on the General button and copy down the contents of the "Device Name" field.
  • Click the Accept button to return to the Offline Shell.
  • Click  EOS Family Offline, not EOS Family Client, to start the EOS program.

On your Android device:

  • Make sure you are connected to the correct WiFi access point
  • Start the aRFR app
  • Tap "Settings" then "Consoles"
  • Tap "New"
  • Enter a name for your connection: "Home Laptop" or such
  • Enter the IP address of your laptop
  • In the Password field, enter the text that you wrote down earlier from the EOS offline shell "Device Name" field.
  • Tap "Save" and go back to the aRFR main screen
  • Select your connection name in the drop-down menu on the main screen (above the Settings button)
  • The Connect button should be enabled (not greyed out)- this means that the aRFR is able to reach your laptop and communicate with the offline application.
  • Tap "Connect" and away you go.

If this doesn't work, you might try to ping your laptop from your Android device to see if there is network connectivity.  I use a free app called "Overlook Fing" to test network connections.

Hope this helps-




Todd Drga

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Steve, don't feel stupid.  There are at least a few steps involved in getting this to work, so I'll try and outline things to look for.

You've already got the IP address and Name of your computer.  When you fill in the App fields, be aware that the computer name needs to go in the Password field.  the Name field is just for you to remember it as something.  For Instance, mine is set up as:

Name: Laptop@Home
Password: NEO

When you start up the Offline software on your laptop, it will actually want to be Offline, not Client.  Client is for hooking up to an actual console on the network, and your laptop will just sit there looking for a console to connect to.  BUT!  Before you click on the Ion Ofline (or your choice of console), click on Settings, then the RFR button on the right.  Check the box for "Enable iPhone/iPod RFR".  This is also for aRFR! (guess they'll have to update that now.)  Accept, then start your Offline of choice.  This checkbox is unchecked by default in all the consoles and offline, sort of a security measure.

After the offline is running, you should be able to hit refresh on the aRFR main screen and the Connect button should come up.

One other place that may disable ALL RFR connections is in the Offline, under Setup->Desk Settings->RFR Settings-> Allow RFR Connections.  This is Enabled by default, I think, but check there too.

Beyond that, there's disabling the firewall on your computer and any other settings in your router... 

Jonathan, Cross Light jfuchs@crosslightinc.com

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You are correct. In 1.9.8, the option has changed to "Allow WiFi remotes" (or something very similar). 

I've found that in many cases, downloading a simple ping app also does wonders for troubleshooting a connection -- this lets you know if it is something with the network connectivity/wireless issues, or something to do with the RFR communication between the two devices.


Hans Hinrichsen

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Jonathan, Todd

A thanks to both, the instructions worked like a charm.

I was actually able to log on for a second last night and constantly forget to dump the friggin firewall.





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