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How to Program a Generic Lighting Chase using ETC Element?

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BBAILEY posted on 05-03-2013 10:25 AM


I dont know if I'm being a little bit stupid here but I am new to ETC and I am wondering how do you program a basic step chase using the ETC Element? I want to chase 'generic' Par's, Fresnels etc and program them into a Submaster?

Any advice would be great,

Thank you.

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i don't have time for a full-fletched answer as my show is about to start, so let me give you the short version:
create an effect: double-tab the effect key, you get the list, type 1 Enter (where one would be a previously unused number), then choose the type of effect you want to create. and there i think it's the first tile.
enter the steps, channels, timing and intensity.

hope that helps a bit!

PS: welcome to the forum!

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Hi, this page of info is good as a starting point.  It's a few updates old now but will still help I think.


Don't forget Google, searching for etc element effects gives this page as it's first reply.

Hope this helps


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