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Possible Bug - Master Playback fader locking up/doesn't respond?

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lightingguy1 posted on 07-04-2012 10:43 PM

Hi everyone,


When I playback a few cues then hit the [Stop/Go Back] button and manually go back through the previous cues, back to the top of the list and clear the PB (Two presses of [Stop/Go Back]) - I hit [GO] again, and nothing happens. I manually have to use the [Go to Cue] button, and after that, everything is fine.

Maybe I missed a release note regarding the main fader pair?




EDIT: I am running 1.9.11

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Hmmm...  Pressing Stop/Back multiple times does not clear the playback - but I'm assuming that is a semantic issue??   If so, though, I'm not sure what your intent is when you say you hit it twice after you are at the top of the list.

Stop/Back will backup until you reach the first cue in the list and then put that into pending.  Pressing this button more than the necessary number of times should not release the cue list from the playback or in any way change what is in pending.    When you do this, what does the PSD show?  Are you still seeing the first cue in the list in pending?  

What des are you on?

Thanks much!



Anne Valentino

Eos Product Line Manager

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Hey Anne,

I'm not sure either! I thought it would snap the fixture to their home position. Not so much..(I haven't had any training on the Eos series)

Sometimes when I boot up ion, on the PSD, I don't even see the Gold/Red 100%, the countdown, or the thing containing the Cue number. I can however, see "List 1." Doesn't seem like the first cue is pending. 


This is seeming to be a very hit or miss issue.


I'm actually running ion


Also, How would one set up a file server? Could it be a Mac/PC computer or would it need to be Network Attached Storage? (NAS)  




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