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loading color palettes with LEE colors

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RHye Posted: 06-08-2012 3:16 PM

Hi there,

Is there a syntax for loading the whole Lee Lib into color pallets? (i don't know how)
this way i would have my colors in relative values instead of absolute and i would really like that.

it speeds up programming a bit as well: typing channel X [cp] [197] [enter] instead of scrolling trough the list...

or am i talking rubbish?





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No, there's no way to do this as far as I know. However, to be completely honest, the colors that are produced by the color picker rarely match the gel number they're intended to. This isn't a shortcoming in the software, it's just inevitable when you consider the huge range of fixtures that the color picker is trying to work for.

\What many programmers will do is first use the color picker to call up a color (say L161), adjust it until it matches what you're looking for, then record it as bytype color palette 161. Every time you start a new show, instead of starting from scratch, you can import all these color palettes and the bytype channel, and after a few shows, you'll have most of the colors you need all adjusted and ready to be easily recalled. It's a little slow, as you'll need to record a new CP every time the designer wants to try a new color, but it will save you time in the long run.

Michael Roche

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and that's why it would be handy to load them all at once.

all i have to do is update the existing (possibly not-so-very-correct) palette and there you go.

You know what i mean?




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and that's why it would be handy to load them all at once.

all i have to do is update the existing (possibly not-so-very-correct) palette and there you go.

You know what i mean?




Yes, we know what you mean, but now you end up with EVERY Lee color loaded into palettes - How many colors does Lee make ?, and all of them are going to be different and somewhat useless depending on the fixture you are using it with, if they are ML's or LED's

That's why I do it pretty much as Michael described.  I open up the color picker to the Lee selection and pick (saving as a Snapshot), then modify and record into a new CP with a label.  As I'm using MAC700's and Studio Spot's, I need 2 sections of the CP's, one per fixture type as a L201 looks totally different in an S4 then a MAC700 or SS.  

If I were using scrollers on S4's, then I'd only be building CP's to however many frames the scroll allows, so having EVERY Lee color in CP's is useless.  






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It maybe quicker to select colours from the picker by typing the gel number.

If you look at the colour picker you'll see a number before each manufacturer (Lee is number 3), so if you say [Channel number] {Color} [3] [/] [201] you'll select Lee 201 from the picker.

I know this doesn't answer the original question but maybe a quicker way of selecting the colours from the picker.


Nick Simmons

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I can endorse using the slash shortcut to access a color my manufacturer / number.  I keep the manufacturer number key on my magic sheet and use it to call up a gel number as a starting place for a new color.  The only drawback is that if the fixture has a limited swatch gamut, you may have to fish a bit for a valid color.


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Hey gang,

Just to piggy back on what Josh is saying (Hi Josh), as a programmer we leave a list of the manufacturer number key taped to the console. Yes, there is some fishing if our fixtures don't "have" that color, but using the slash shortcut has saved a TON of time digging through the color picker. Once the color is "tweaked" to the particualr designer's preference, we then save it in a pallette. Since palletes can be "re-loaded" from other show files, I will often "re-load" a designers particular palette before we start programming to speed up finding their favorites (tweaking as needed of course)....


dave B.

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