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Moving light focus question

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scarrgo posted on 04-23-2012 8:18 PM

Hello all,

I hope this makes sense:

Element 60/250, 8 mac 250

In the past on a different console I did this, I dont remember how or if possible.

While making focus pallets with   mac250's I would like all the lights to be in dark blue, and as I step from light to light adjusting the focus I wish it to go N/C so its easier to focus.

Is this possible without a lot of button pushes, I wish to just push next, adjust, push next, adjust, etc, etc, update pallet. and move to the next position....





Sean Carrico



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A few variations were discussed in


Rick Reid, LC

Silhouette LIghts and Staging

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Highlight is the feature you are looking for.  Read about it in the linked post above or in the manual, whichever you prefer.



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Thanks for the link, I have not found the "highlight" button yet, is it on the element, I will keep lookin, but it does not have some of the same buttons as the other lines, but I am still new to it,thanks


Sean Carrico



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Hi Sean,

I'm 99% sure that Element doesn't have the Highlight feature that the rest of the family has. You do though have the option to make your master fader pair Intensity Masters which means you can use them to pull down the rest of the recorded state to a lower level, but that won't strip out the colour in the unit you're working on.



Daniel Murfin

National Theatre, London


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Highlight is supported in Ion, Gio and Eos consoles, but not Element at this time.



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That's what I was afraid of, thanks for the confirm. 

I did come up with another work around, couple of extra pushes but helps. 

  Group 101 enter

  Next full enter (adjust focus)

  Out next full

  Repeat till done

  Clear select last (s1) full enter

  Confirm look update pallet enter

Its what I came up with in a pinch

Again thanks








Sean Carrico



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Does element have RemDim?

That ought to do what you want.



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