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Conecting OLE to Capture

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greebo7uk Posted: 04-14-2012 6:51 AM

In an ideal world i would like to get the OLE Talking to Polar capture on the same Mac running Lion without having a router attached. but to start with i would just like to get them talking wether its via a straight ethernet connection between 2 macs or via a router. I have got the console itself connected but not the OLE.

I have been talking to Lars at capture sweden on there forum but thought someone here may be able to shed light on it and when somone works out where I'm being an idiot someone here may benefit from the solution so here is my latest post to Lars with the latest set up.



OK I've now got 2 Macs connected vie an ethernet cable Mac 1 running lion and eos offline editor.which is set with ACN on and default ticked same for Net2 and Local DMX, Enable output in offline mode is ticked as is use Draft sACN. The OLE software is running a slow chase so there is something outputting. The Mac itself has the firewall off IP subnet (these addresses came from the ETC web site) and the wireless network turned off. all this was set before starting the OLE. the diagnostics page in the ole shows ACN online and connected to


Mac 2 is running snow leapard has the firewall off and the ip address subnet I have pinged both addresses from the opposite mac and got good results so they are defiantly connected and i have turned off the wireless network here as well so both machines have only one active network connection, and that is too each other.


Next I opened polar capture student edition on Mac 2 I waited a good 5 seconds or so then went into the connectivity tab of the tools menu all of the protocols were set to automatic so i went back out and opened a new project and went to the Universes tab and there was nothing there under the external universes.

So i went back and manually changed the ip addresses to read the network card ip address closed the tools menu acnoliged the restart prompt went to file, exit and it did. 

Then I resarted capture waited 5 seconds went to connectivity and the ip address was there so i opened a new project and went to the universe tab and still nothing.

I then repeated this proses with the demo of polar capture and nothing.


Im sorry for the essay but i wanted to give you as much info as possible. during my last attempt to get this working I did once see the ip address automatically show the network card in Capture but no external universe showed up and I now can't remember which permutation of router, no router, one Mac, 2 Macs aliases, no aliases DHCP or manual address i was trying at the time.


I'm sure I'm missing something simple but i can't see it. 




Thanks, Tom 

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Just a thought,


I Know capture can receive because i have had the console outputting to it but I don't know if the OLE is outputting anything or wether it ever has because I've never had it hooked up with the client dongle, I've just run it as a stand alone or in mirror mode.


Does the OLE need the dongle? Is all output stopped without it? And any ideas, on the mac, of how to test weather there is anything coming out of the OLE?



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quick update,


Lars over at capturesweden seems to be having the same problems! so maybe I'm not being as daft as I thought Iwas.




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Unfortunately, sACN/other level output from Mac Offline is not supported:



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Ah that would explain it thanks Luke. 

Is this likely to come in a future update? It would be useful for mac users.

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Aha. That explains a lot! I will +1 on Tom's request to implement it! A third of our userbase uses the Mac version of Capture.

Lars Wernlund, Capture Sweden

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Is there any change to the situation here with version 2? Before I start doing battle again?


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You do have enable visualization output in the shell (which was one of the original questions).  Adding sACN output to Mac native operation is on the list to be added in the next feature release (post 2.1).  It is not an insubstantial issue, so sadly, no - it cannot be added quickly in the current release.

Hope that helps.



Anne Valentino

Eos Product Line Manager

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