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ION Net 3 Node slow DMX response help

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coopercj posted on 04-08-2012 4:08 PM

Hi Everyone-- First post here-  I am designing a show at a theatre currently with a 4 universe Ion-- The ion has been rented for the production, as the house console is an Obsession 2 with 3 DMX universes.  

The universes are Hard runs of 5 Pin from the Booth to backstage- about 2-300' runs, and I am told work well.  We have the console set up in the house currently, and have run universe 1 and 2 to the back of the console where they are plugged-- They work correctly.  The Third Universe is plugged into the net 3 node in the booth, and is connected to the gateway / via a 100' piece of Cat 5 Cable.  Currently the only thing plugged into the universe are 6 sections of colorblaze 72, and when we were testing them last night we realized that it took 30-60 seconds for the units to respond to any DMX command-- The issue is not te units themselves, as we plugged them into the second universe and they worked properly--  I am told that the Node / gateway worked properly and was tested in the shop prior to being sent out-

I am just the designer, so am not 100% familiar with the technical specs of the Gateway, or the Node itself- or the settings in the console itself for this particular situation, but does anyone have any thoughts ??  Could it be that the cat 5 run (between the booth and gateway) is too long, and we are experiencing a signal drop-off, or is it some sort of setting at the console itself.  the Electrician was going to try extending the 5 Pin line into the house, and moving the node closer to the console-

Any help would be appreciated-

Charlie Cooper

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30 seconds is enough time for a DMX signal to circle the country if not the world. Something is definitely broken.

Most likely it is a cable problem. You started testing in the right manner by cutting parts out and seeing if it helps. Keep going by replacing cable lengths, nodes and whatever else.

I'm a bit puzzled by your description of the network. Gateway and node are terms that are often used for the same devices. The Ion should be plugged directly into the network. You should only need one thing to pull DMX out of the network.

FWIW: Normal ethernet is good up to 300' so it's unlikely a shorter cable will help. An undamaged one is always good.

Rick Reid, LC

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