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ETC Ion & Chroma Q Color Force

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Moose posted on 04-06-2012 6:04 PM

I have an ETC Ion, just got some Chroma Q Colorforce 48 for the Cyc.


2 questions:

1. How do I patch the Chroma Q's to take advantage of the cell's? when I set it in say Mode 4, patch in as the Colorforce 48 M4, it patches all the attributes to one channel. Is there a way to then do effects within?

2. How can I create a sub to control R,G,B,A without having it override the values of the other colors

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Hi Moose,

For question 1:

If you are looking for individual control of each "cell" within the unit, I would put the strip in Mode 8, and then on the Ion patch 8 x Mode 4 devices. Mode 4 is just RGBA with Intensity. This will increase your channel count, but I find it much easier get the control you want / apply effects easily etc...

Question 2:

This has been brought up several times with several different ways to solve it. The most recent can be found here. If you still need help, feel free to ask back in this post and I'm sure people will be willing to help.


Good luck,

Benjamin Travis


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Awesome, I'm not as far off as I thought i was, I'm guessing you meant mode 9 for patching (8 is 3 ch RGB Magic Amber 9 is 4 ch RGBA)? I started with mode 4, and eventually patched 8 x generic LED fixtures. Then I kinda went, this can't be right, little did I know.

I think I read that post after my post and noted I'll need to try it when I get my office back.

Thanks for the info, I'm smarter then i think.


I'm sure I'll have more questions down the road, getting a handful of mac 350's, a few atomic 3K, and a few sets of the ETC Fire & Ice. very excited. Chroma Q's look amazing though.


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Sorry. You are correct. Mode 9. I have yet to actually understand how Magic Amber works. I'm sure its overly simple and I"m trying to make it more difficult than it actually is.


Good luck,


Benjamin Travis


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Question, if you have 6 fixtures to cover your cyc, would you address them all the same, or alternate 2 numbers? or everything its own? considering the fact each will in theory have 8 cells

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Sort of both:

I would address them individually but patch them together. That way I can re-patch if I want something else, be it alternating or center-outside groups or whatever. Patching is quickly changeable on a show by show basis.

Rick Reid, LC

Silhouette LIghts and Staging

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I'm confused.  You want to use each unit divided into 8 cells (increasing your individual control), but then address multiple fixtures the same (decreasing your individual control)? Why would you do this?



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One notable advantage to having individually-addressed cells is that it makes the fixtures easier to use as pixel map outputs. You can control them by channel for normal cyc-wash looks, but also be able to use the VMS to very easily create movement effects and color gradients.

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I would do this because I've never worked with pixel mapping but suppose now its an option to look into?

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