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Android Cue Notes

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Smiley31 Posted: 04-01-2012 11:54 AM

Does the arfr app allow notes on the cue lists when used on tablets (The same feature as on the ipad)? I haven't got a tablet to test this on! 


Liam :)

Liam Jones, Birmingham Repertory Theatre

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Hey Liam.  Right now, the aRFR does not support the note taking capability.  

Hope that helps.



Anne Valentino

Eos Product Line Manager

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Hi Anne, thank you for your reply.

I have managed to try the app out on an android tablet, which the app doesn't seem to take full advantage of the bigger screen resolution. Is there any future plans to further support android tablets and to add the notes feature?


Liam :)

Liam Jones, Birmingham Repertory Theatre

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Hiya Anne,


Sorry to pester you questions... You said 'Right Now...'  does this mean the expanded feature set we see on the Ipad will be coming to the Arfr software at some point in the future? Maybe even near future(I know I am pressing my luck ;) )  I am currently looking at tablet and I will go with a droid table (I already have a bazllion apps for anyhow) if i know these features will end up there someday.   I really would rather not change platforms just for a couple features in one software.



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