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Fixture with DMX Break

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Phil Klapwyk Posted: 03-29-2012 3:15 PM

In an MA world, I can create a multi-parameter fixture with the option to assign non-contiguous dmx channels so that for example, I can control a multicircuit fixture from several dimmer packs.

Is this possible in Ion/Eos?  It doesn't appear to be from what I've been able to create.




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You can certainly patch multiple parts to a channel, and these can of course be on different universes. If it's just dimmers, you don't need a custom fixture or anything of that regard.

What type of devices are you controlling?


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Hi Luke,

Parts of channels won't work in this situation, because I'm building fixtures like spacelights.  Specifically in this case a B&M HPL 12-light.  I'm trying to use the multiple intensity parameters that are already specified in the system but I want to be able to assign specific dmx addresses to the first and the seventh intensity parameter.

Hope that makes sense.  Its super easy on an MA system, and perhaps needs to be built into a future revision of the eos system.



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If I follow you correctly you can do that with multi part fixtures.

You will need a different fixture type for each intensity parameter. In any fixture all identical parameters are controlled together, like groups of dimmers. However you want to control each parameter independently, so each piece needs a unique parameter, like a conventional with scroller. Then they can be patched any way you like.

It might be easier to just patch as individual dimmers and make groups of one piece of each fixture, as well as one for each fixture. Then you can do almost anything at need.

Rick Reid, LC

Silhouette LIghts and Staging

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That seems like it will work Rick.  It's a bit more cumbersome to set up and patch, but I think that will be do-able I should think.  The group option is not workable at all in a scenario when I'm patching 300 of these fixtures.




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