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Uninterruptible Power Supply

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jtgrover posted on 03-10-2012 1:00 PM

I've looked around at manuals for the EOS and ION consoles and am not entirely sure about the the type of power supplies that go into the making of the consoles. I am specifically interested in knowing if the console's power supply uses active power factor correction or passive power factor correction. This more or less affects the choice of uninterruptible power supply types.

Would it be recommended to use a pure sine wave uninterruptible power supply or does that not particularly matter to the EOS family consoles? I haven't experimented and am curious to see what others may know or think about this.


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I'm not familiar with what you're describing with the different kinds of PSU's in the Ion but I'm curious to know how that affects the choice of  a UPS.

That being said, I've used a lot of "off the shelf" UPS's with an Ion many from APC without issue.


Hope this helps

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I've heard and researched that many companies are using active power factor correction power supplies in various newer technologies to help improve on efficiency with the use of power. I am interested in knowing if the power supply for the EOS family consoles is an active power factor correction or a passive power factor correction. I've heard that it can make a difference in the choice of uninterruptible power supplies that one may use as a backup. I know that some uninterruptible power supplies will cheat a little with how they supply backup power. They will send out a waveform that is more stepped. Other uninterruptible power supplies will give out a pure sine wave. For example, if the console was using an active power factor correction and I used a standard uninterruptible power supply that outputted a stepped waveform, then it could be potentially damaging in the event of a blackout / brownout.


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Hey Joel!

I have been using a standard APC Backup (APC Backup XS-1000) on my EOS and survived both blackouts and brownouts and it has worked fine both times. Needless to say, I don't know what is happening inside the console's power supply. Shoot me a text tomorrow (I have the same number) and I can pop open my EOS and get a part number for the PSU. I am kind of curious too now. 

Hope all is well. Tell Rimes I said hi. 

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Eos, Ion, Element and Gio all use power supplies with active PFC. Ion, Element and older Eos share the same brand of power supply,  while newer Eos and Gio each use different types.

I've also read before that cheaper "approximate sine-wave" UPSs don't work well with active PFC power supplies. Yet I'm in no position to recommend one UPS over another.







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