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Dealing with Cue Lists with Multiple Programmers

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krhodes Posted: 03-06-2012 11:44 AM

I am trying to figure out a way to make programming life easier for my situation...

Out lighting designer typically programs the conventional lights, then I will come in later and add the automated lighting in another cue list. These lists are synced by cue number via an external link. During our programming sessions we have gotten some data from the conventional list recorded in the automated list (and vice versa) causing some unexpected behavior. So when updating a cue we have to fist make changes to the conventional stack [Select Manual] [Update] then check to make sure the update going to the correct cue list [Enter]. Then we have to do the same thing for the automated cue list. This seems kind of redundant to keep our data in the right places. Is there something I am missing, or does anyone out there do things differently in this type of situation? What I'm basically looking for is some sort of partitioned control of channels by cue list.

Thanks all,

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Hi Kevin,

If what you're suggesting is only allowing certain channels to be recorded into a certain cue list then no, that's not possible. I'm assuming you have partitioning turned on? If you're in your 'automated' partition that should stop you recording conventionals into the automated cue list by accident. The cue list is auto filled with the last one you selected, so if you've just been working in cue list 4 you will continue to record into that list.

Is that a help?!


Daniel Murfin

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Hey Kevin, as Dan said, creating and invoking partitions will help a lot with this - certainly during the initial programming period.  If you are further into the process and need to be tweaking the entire rig, you'll find that using record only will be helpful as well.   Record Only takes manual values - as such it is a good way to keep the content of a secondary cue list out of the one you are working with.

This is a common enough occurrence when cue lists are initially programmed under partitioned control and then maintained by one person that we do have a plan to further protect the cue list data.

Hope that helps.



Anne Valentino

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