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Non-Dim feature on Element

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SM-ME posted on 01-18-2012 9:03 PM

Hey! My school is doing a show where we have two lamps plugged into an edison to stage-pin connector and into a circuit. I scoured the manual to find how to make a circuit non-dim and couldn't figure it out. Please help!!!

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You can do this by going into Patch and setting the curve on that channel/address to 905 which is "full at 1%"

The curve box will be in the lower right.

[Channel #] {Curve}[9][0][5][Enter] should do the trick.

Seth A. Starr  -  Service Technician  -  Barbizon Charlotte

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Also, you can change the type of the fixture to Non-Dim.  This will then cause the channel to show up with an ND on the channel tile:


To do this: 

  • Go to [Patch]
  • Select the addresses, or press [Format] to toggle into Patch Channel mode
  • Click the {Type} button on screen. 
  • Click on {Manufacturers}.  On the right hand side, look for "Generic". Click on that button, and then select the preferred Non-Dim profile (Non-Dim at 50 or Non-Dim at Full) from the list.



Hans Hinrichsen

ETC Technical Support Specialist

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As a side note, why is there not a Full at 1% Non-Dim profile?!?!

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If you need this then Dimmer Curve 905 is Full At 1% as mentioned above.

It's also really easy to edit dimmer curves if you need anything else - like Full at 2%.

Keep on trying till you run out of cake.

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It's not that.  I know about the curves. I just don't understand why there isn't a profile for it.  I want the tile to have the ND in the channel display is all.

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I never used such a profile, I consider it too easy to accidentally bump a fader above 1, and if I'm setting a level I'll use 100 for clarity. However, it is very easy to make a variation of an existing profile.

  1. Patch a channel as a "Non-dim at 50"
  2. Select the softkey "fixtures"
  3. Select the Non-dim profile and copy it.
  4. Select the copy and hit Edit
  5. Select ranges and in the User range change the 49 to 1 in the first range, and in the second range change 50 to 2.
  6. Rename the Profile to "Non-dim at 1"
  7. If you want to you can delete the other ND profile from your favorites list, so the new one is easy to find.

I tried to be very detailed, having just verified this on the offline. My apologies if its less that perfect.

If you create this profile in a file that you use to start all future shows then you'll never have to do it again. Otherwise you can merge just the fixtures from a previous file.

I hope that helps.

Rick Reid, LC

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