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Version 2.0? (1.9.7)

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johnwelton Posted: 08-17-2011 4:45 AM

Hi all,


Back at ABTT in June, it was mentioned that a new version of software for eos and ion would be available soon.


I was just wondering if we have any more info on both what this will contain as well as when it might be out?


I am specifically interested in the congo style channel layout as this will be a huge help to my LX pupils.


Many thanks.

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Hi John,

Version 1.9.8 is currently in open beta (you can become involved in that beta by checking out the following post: http://www.etcconnect.com/Community/forums/p/8074/32227.aspx#32227). 

Current changes to software include the following, which is also mentioned in Anne's post that I linked to above:

 This is a limited feature release, but provides the following:

Addition of  a shift function to facilitate "fast" command line entry.  Are you are two handed fast typist?  This release is for you!

Changes to the background state when subs/cue lists are released.  Rather than releasing to the master, released playbacks will return to the last playback in control.  This also introduces the idea of what we call "low self-esteem playbacks".  If you have a one-off look or series of looks, you can set that for "restore disable'.  Other playbacks can't return control to this one.

Subs can be set to fade to background or fade to minimum.

Some highlight changes. 

Addition of a "favorites" setting for the CIA.  You can now control what the default state of the CIA is.


The feature you mentioned (Congo style channel layout, or also known as Tombstone Magic Sheet) is also being discussed here: http://www.etcconnect.com/Community/forums/t/8149.aspx.  It is not slated for 1.9.8.

Hans Hinrichsen

ETC Technical Support Specialist

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Thanks for your reply. I am slightly miffed at the news that the congo tombstone magic sheets won't be included in the next release; as I was assured that it would be at ABTT. However, I can understand the need to push it back. Do we have any idea when it might be coming?

Many thanks,




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John, magic sheets are slotted for our next feature release.  1.9.8 is primarily to support new hardware that is launching early September.    But as soon as 1.9.8 is wrapped, this is the next major feature for us to start.    Implementation plans are variable due to field issues and support of other products (such as Desire and CEM3 dimmer feedback).  

hope that helps.



Anne Valentino

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Hi  Anne, a lot of time have passed. So what about the magic sheets? Will it released this year?


Thx for reply



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Yes, that is the current plan.





Anne Valentino

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ETA on Tombstone Magic Sheets and 2.0?? :)

Mike Wood

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2.0 is currently in the beta process, & it is my understanding that Magic Sheets are in development & are still slated to be included, they have not yet been integrated into the beta builds that I have seen.

The ETA for release as stated in the beta forum is "in the fall".

Hope that helps


Jon Goss

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Do you guys need more beta testers? I would be happy to contribute.

- -
Elton James
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Los Angeles, CA

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