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ETC Smartpack 6x 2.4kw -Dimmer Control Loss

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Kent@Uvic Posted: 06-29-2011 4:03 PM

Dear ETC

I have a 6x 2.4kw Smartpack Dimmer (50Amp - 220v) its appox 7 years old, 2003-04. Today had a Issue with Dimmer control (6)  Once the Dimmer reached 100% you could no longer control it, was stuck at 100%.  However all the other 5 dimmers would coninue to take commands from the Lighting Control board.

I tried to to manually drop the dimmer to 0% from the dimmer however it seem that this year version does not have the function to control the individual dimmers from the control screen on the face of the Smartpack.

NSI 7548 -> DMX512 -> ETC Smartpack 6x 2.4KW -> DMX512 -> ETC Smartpack 12 x 1.2KW -> Terminate.

Problem seems to only occur to Dim # 6 On the 2.4kw Smartpack 

I have Tried Reseting to factory Default and reseting the Breakers,


Also Does the 2003-04 Version of the Smartpack have the function to manual control individual dimmers? the 2010 Version Has it under Dianositics, however the 2003-04 does not.


Thank you in advance,



Technical Theatre Student at UVIC

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Try swapping the powercube that is affected within the dimmer pack. I have seen this issue before with a faulty cube. An easy way to troubleshoot this would be to swap the affected cube into another spot on the pack and see if the issue follows.Talk to your local dealer regarding replacement/repair. If you do need to order a replacement powercube, the part number is Q211


James Shield

PNTA - Technical Services

206.622.7850 x150

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