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Playback on iRFR

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jrgoss Posted: 12-02-2010 5:04 PM

I was using my iPad (running 4.2.1) to playback some checkout cues that I wrote on a dedicated cue list. (cue list 11) Using the Cue Playback controls, I could goto cue 11/1, but when I hit GO, it would trigger the first cue in cue list 1 (which is loaded onto the main faders), and then continue with all the remaining cues in that list.

If I released cue list 1 from the main faders & loaded cue list 11 onto those faders, all was good, & I could run the cuelist without problem from the iPad.

I experienced the same situation using the Go button on the Virtual RFR part of the software.

So it looks like the iRFR software is limited in that the cue playback will only affect the cues loaded onto the main faders. Can this be fixed/changed in future upgrades? 

(Eos software version 1.9.1, iRFR software version 1.1.42)



Jon Goss

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Hello, I also wanted to reference this issue too.  I'm running the iRFR on the iPad with the same version.  I generally program using 4 seperate Cue Lists.  And the same issue occurs where you can manually type in 2/1 go, but it actually triggers Cue 1/1.


Another error that I keep seeing is that if I'm using the Virtual Faders to run my Cue List 1.  And then I go to the ipad and start running the next cue, the Virtual fader then looses its order.  So if you then hit play in the VF, Everything goes to black within that cue list.  You can see the Actual Cue list following in the correct order when you hit go on the ipad but not the VF's.  So there is a Glitch Somewhere.


I'm also noticing that on the IRFR for the ipad that if you rotate the screen that the sliders will not work correctly in the fixture profiles,  Some only go from 0 to 80 vs 0 to 255.


Eos software version 1.9.1, iRFR software version 1.1.42

I too would like to know if this can be fixed in a future upgrade.




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Same issues here. I do not want to have to walk FOH to trigger my checkout cues (Separate Cue List) since my main cue list is loaded in the main fader! A way to do this would be highly ideal. 

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The only way i've found to do this at present is to write a macro that loads the checkout cue list to the main faders, and then you can run the macro from your iDevice.  It's a bit of extra work, but it gets the job done.

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You must go into the virtual RFR, go into playback, then [load cue] 11.. enter.  This loads the cue onto the fader of the console the ipad is attached to.  Then you can go from playback and hit go to your hearts content.  A goto command will load and put into the cue on a virtual playback.



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While this method works its very long winded. Just because there doesn't seem to be a [ / ] key that I can find in the Virtual RFR.

If you want to change cue lists you have to:

-Go into Playback:

-Go To Cue 2/1

-Go into Virtual RFR

-Hold M and select Playback controls

-Load Cue 2


If there was a [ / ] You could just go into the virtual RFR and select the playback controls and Load Cue 2/1 , Go

Or if there was a load option in the Playback, that would also make things easy.


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Pressing the point (.) key twice will add a slash to the command line on the aRFR and the Net3 RFR so it should work on the iRFR..

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Right you are Bosox242 thankyou,,

I can confirm that works for the iRFR.

How To:

- Virtual RFR

 - Press and hold [ M ]

 - Select [Playback]

 - [Load Q] [X] Double tap [.] [Y] [Enter]


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