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Congo iRFR dropping connection...802.11g router just too old?

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Anne S Posted: 04-08-2010 1:31 PM

Hi all, be kind to the networking noob--

I just got around to setting up my iPhone as a Congo remote. Am using an old router I had lying around the house, Linksys WRT54G. I keep losing connection: range isn't necessarily the issue, as it's happened when I'm all of three to eight feet away from the router. I may well be in a high-density setting; would you recommend I upgrade?

Also, once my iPhone drops the connection, I may or may not lose the intensities most recently set, it seems about 50-50. But certainly, once I restore connectivity, I can't turn OFF any levels set before the connection was lost. This seems more like an app problem; I can turn stuff on all day long but there's no shutting it off. 

Yours, Anne


Congo v6.


iRFR 1.0.30

iPhone 3G  v3.1.3 (7R18)

Anne Scheer

House Electrician

Holland Performing Arts Center

Omaha, NE USA 68102

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Hi Anne-

You might try changing the channel on the router - you really shouldn't get dropout from that distance.

On the Congo, you have to go to the Browser and clear the remote fields - and I believe that each connection of the iRFR shows as a new remote.


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I was having repeated and constant disconnects with my iRFR and my ION after 30 seconds or so, called ETC, and was given a strange, but very useful tip.


Disable 3G on your iPhone.


Now it stays connected all the time, every time.  Of course, I get within 10 feet of a Clear-Com system now and I make horrible noise for everyone, but I can control my light board.  I'm hoping they fix this bug soon.



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Thanks! I'll give it a shot. I'm having a separate issue now, but I'll post a new topic on it. 

Anne Scheer

House Electrician

Holland Performing Arts Center

Omaha, NE USA 68102

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This bug is actually a 'feature' of the iPhone.

The iPhone is looking at the lighting WiFi and noticing that it doesn't have any access to the Internet, so switches the iRFR app over to your 3G connection instead because that does have access to the Internet.

Your console isn't on the 3G network, so the connection gets dropped.

We are looking at this to see if there is a way to force the iPhone to acknowledge that we don't actually need (or want) the internet.

Keep on trying till you run out of cake.

ETC Field Service, London

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I discovered a solution based on a user having similar troubles with a Congo console.  This procedure pertains to iOS 5.x devices.

On your iPod/iPhone, navigate to Settings>General>Reset and select and confirm 'Reset Network Settings'.

Your device will then reboot itself.  After the reboot is complete, you will need to join your control network (wifi).

You should be able to connect and stay connected to your console at this point.


Hope this helps!  Break a leg!

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The problem seemed to return after leaving the facility for the night.

I discovered today in two venues that disabling encryption on the wireless network eliminates this problem. Since this eliminates the use of a passphrase, the wireless access points have been set not to broadcast their name (SSID) so the networks cannot be used by anyone not authorized to connect to them.

Hope this helps both users and the folks at ETC.


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