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Selador Profiles

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jfuchs Posted: 09-24-2009 11:03 AM

I realize that there are many fixture profiles that don't seem to have made it into the Mosaic / Pharos Fixture library yet...  For instance I'm pretty sure Element Labs has more than one fixture type, but I digress.

Really, I'm surprised that the ETC Selador fixtures haven't made it in yet.  The old Selador X7 and X7-Xtra are still there, but not the relatively new 8-channel ETC ones.

I know they've made it into the Eos/Ion/Element 1.7 console software, and I'm surprised that with Mosaic 1.6.3 coming out so recently (after 1.7) they're not there.

Making a custom fixture off of a 7-channel selador by adding an 8th channel intensity doesn't look right in the output viewer either.

Anybody had any luck with running the ETC Seladors on Mosaic?

Jonathan, Cross Light jfuchs@crosslightinc.com

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We are working diligently to incorporate the SeladorSeries fixture profiles into Mosaic Designer. These are nearly complete and will be included in our next patch release of software, version 1.7.0. While I cannot offer a definitive timeline for the release of this software, it is not too far off. The 7 color system requires a bit more control than a standard RBG or RGBA system to accurately mix color, so we did need to have a little more work done beyond a standard fixture profile.



Bryan Palmer

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Yeah, That's understandable.

It's funny, though, when I tried to make a custom fixture based on the Selador X7-11 by adding an 8th patchpoint and calling it intensity, I think Designer couldn't figure out what to do.  The output viewer looked rather confused. with that one. 

I suppose I could still patch an X7 and then a "dummy" dimmer for intensity and work-around it that way if I have to.  Happily it hasn't come up yet.



Jonathan, Cross Light jfuchs@crosslightinc.com

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