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Can Pharos "capture" or "record" a dmx stream from an outside source?

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DeanBaker Posted: 12-08-2008 11:33 AM

If I were to have a extravagant show programmed on a lighting console, say a RoadHog, or a GrandMA, or a Eos, or something...

and I wanted to be able to play that show back using triggers on a Pharos box.... without continuing to have the original console attached... 




am I missing something obvious?

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The DMX input for Pharos is only used as a trigger.  Something along the lines of, "when channel 1 goes above 50% start timeline X."  It doesn't actually snapshot and replay DMX.

For playback of a stored show with EOS, you may want to consider an RPU.  That way you can connect a keyboard and monitor and have some control over the playback and even edit the show if necessary.  Other manufacturers may have similar options for their specific products.  For anything else, you could use something like the Doug Fleenor Rerun (http://www.dfd.com/runr.html).

Mark Penisten--ETC Associate Systems Engineer

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unfortunately, the pharos box was spec'd by the client.  Great device for flexible I/O and complex triggering.. not so great for programing intricate long shows with a variety of fixtures... at least in this instance....


but yeah, I'm familiar with the other options out there, I was just hopeful that in all its infinite flexibility, the LPC had one more feature I hadn't discovered yet!

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