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Aristobulous Posted: 07-11-2012 1:57 PM

hey all, just checking to see if what I am experiencing is normal and expected


im trying to connect two monitors to the console, one has a dvi input and is giving me no issues, but one is vga only, I have it connected using a DVI-I dual link to VGA adapter and I am not getting any response from the vga monitor, I was informed the dual link connector would not cause any issues if only being used on a single link output, is this correct or would that be the reason I am not getting any response from the VGA monitor? If the dual link is the issue I can find a single link only adapter for sure, my local computer stores list them as a stock item in their systems

if all else fails I'll track down a second monitor with DVI, but the VGA happens to be a convenient size for where it needs to fit


thx all

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in the settings from the start menu, have you actived your external display (move the icon from the top to one cel near the ohter actives screens) ?

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my other external display (the DVI native display) is working fine, my question was more if others were having difficulties connecting VGA displays specifically, if they had found a specific DVI to VGA adapter that had worked for them

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We have two DVI to VGA adapters here on the bench that we use with a Gio.

They have the pins for DVI dual link -- the one I have in my hand is an ATI 6140007200G.

Hans Hinrichsen

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Thank you Hans, I am up and running, what was happening was I was enabling the display but with a resolution too large seemingly, beyond the capacity of the display.  Once I enabled the display and turned down the resolution before pressing accept the console found the monitor.  I guess I was expecting the resolution to establish itself based on the monitor.  I am happily working :)

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Dual and single-link is irrelevant for the analogue VGA signal, the only pins that matter for VGA are the fours pins and the "cross" at one end.

- If you look closely you'll see that these pins aren't there on DVI-D connectors like on Ion/Element.

Some VGA monitors can announce which resolutions they support.
Unfortunately not all of them do so on those you'll get the complete list that the graphics card is capable of - almost certainly including resolutions too high (and maybe even too low) for your monitor.

Keep on trying till you run out of cake.

ETC Field Service, London

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