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It's a holly jolly holiday at ETC

Santa's workshop isn't the only bustling factory this time of year. ETC offices across the globe are busy filling end-of-the year orders and gearing up for a new year with a lot of new surprises. Even with all that work going on, you'd have...

ETC celebrates Halloween

ETC employees got a jump-start on Halloween by showing up to work on Friday, October 29 th , in costume. Here are some of our favorites: You just might get Cleopatra (Administrative Assistant Krystal Moran) on the phone when you call ETC’s front...

Get on board with the Pecha Kucha craze!

ETC Architectural Market Manager Joe Bokelman explains what a Pecha Kucha is: A what? What is a Pecha Kucha, you ask? An easy answer might be to refer you to , and leave it at that. But, if you haven’t already clicked away, a llow...
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ETC Live!

ETC lights venues all aro und the world – theaters, museums, tradeshows, amusement parks, concerts and more. One of the main reasons our equipme nt is so popular is because we understand what lighting professionals need for their varied applications...
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Fun with ETC Swag

Ok, so sometimes we need to get into a little fun around here and not all be tied up in product releases and website stats [sorry Marketing guys]. And yes, I will write about something more serious soon....perhaps on rigging..... ETC takes care of its...
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People for the ethical demonstration of Selador

ETC Field Project Coordinator David Hilton discusses an important issue facing lighting designers: There’s a tragedy occurring every day in this country – a tragedy that affects lighting designers and technicians alike. This tragedy is unfolding...

On the subject of fun

As long as we are blogging about ETC being a fun place to work. I thought I would share this photo. It is on the door leading into Fred's office. The regular door - not the garage door. Fred posted the "addendum" at the bottom. Enough said. David Lincecum
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Have a good time.

So, I've been a little preoccupied. Lincecum and I talked quite a while ago about adding my two cents to the ETC blog pool and I was all jazzed about it. I mean, what a great opportunity to actually get to write something interesting! No offense to those...
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