A rejection letter from Apple . . . more iPhone app fun

Actually it was just a simple red dot followed by the word Rejected. The image below is a screenshot from our account on the app store.

It seems that Apple does not allow any use of a charity as an enticement to buy an App. No references to charity website or logos may exist.We can still offer the two versions and we will tell you about the charities on our own website. The charities will not be named on the App store. Either way, they are both great causes to support.

On a secondary note Apple says we must prove that the app works with our product!  (The Irony is that is does not actually work with many of our products!! See previous post!) We must submit a video of the App working with the product.

First I am struck by the Apple organization. They are really organized around this App business. Walk in to the Apple store and see App logos everywhere. They are really controlling the content on the phones and the quality of the content. I guess I should say "Kudos to Apple!"  But I am somehow left feeling resentful. Like Apple is the front running lemming, leading us all off a cliff!

Ironically this rejection comes on June 4. This morning I noticed this on my Facebook newsfeed. David Neuser (the only person on Facebook still going by Hussein) posted this tribute to the Apple II.

Maybe your asking yourself how the iRFR app developer, Chris Mizerak, took the news?

In his email explaining the situation he pointed out that making a video to prove that the App works only presented the challenge of deciding which finger would be shown setting the levels.


Published 06-04-2009 4:45 PM by dlincecum
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is there any way you could post the poster?  it looks cool, but it's so small...

Thursday, June 04, 2009 6:00 PM by tpw

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Friday, June 05, 2009 6:36 AM by dlincecum

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The funny thing about the "video" is how easily that can be faked using another RFU, laptop connected to network etc with the console. Sounds like a waste of yours and their time.

Wish apple would open up, open source is our friend!

Saturday, June 06, 2009 6:45 PM by smrsunboy

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This actually brings up another good point. Given that the board needn't actually be controlled by the iRFR, but by some unseen off-camera device, why stop at things the iRFR can actually do?

This seems to call for a little industrial light and magic. Maybe the iRFR should be able to employ GPS technology to have moving lights track directly to it. Perhaps the video should feature the iRFR remotely controlling an Eos on a wheeled table as it careens down state street like a chase scene in a Bond movie. Perhaps the unit can double as a type 1 phaser for those unfortunate 10 of 12s when a surprise Klingon invasion has eliminated the last of your red-shirted stagehands. The sky is the limit with this one...

Saturday, August 08, 2009 12:09 AM by LuxExFulmen