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  • Another Vegas trade Show

    The Sun rises over opening day of LDI 2008. Just another trade show in Las Vegas. All is well here in the west. Cranes and construction continue to be the primary decorative elements of the Vegas skyline. I haven't ventured out to see signs of the economic...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by dlincecum on 10-24-2008
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  • Useful Email services

    I saw this article on the facebook page of a friend. Google launches Mail Goggles to save you from yourself This really cracks me up. It is called Mail Goggles and it bears some attention from other technology companies. It throws math problems on the...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by dlincecum on 10-08-2008
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  • Of old jobs and Vulcan mind-melds

    A couple of weeks ago, at lunchtime on a Friday, Steve Short (of Lite-Trol fame) sends me an email wanting to know if we have spare parts for an old LMI dimmer panel. He even included a very fuzzy picture from his cell phone and said the job is the Marriot...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by dnorth on 09-30-2008
  • Another ETC innovation reaches retirement

    The recent arrival of a new automated coffee machine in the Finance/Sales/Marketing kitchen has brought delicious dark roast coffee to many - and the end of an era for one. With the fancy schmancy new coffee dispenser, the brew-your-own lineup of coffee...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by john.kuehl on 09-23-2008
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  • Updates to the Unison Minisite!

    We recently completed an update the Unison minisite at www.etcconnect.com/unison . The most exciting change is the removal of the movie of me! ;) Another important change adds interactive features to the riser diagrams found at http://www.etcconnect.com...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by joebokelman on 09-18-2008
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  • A new look at Net3

    Someone said to me recently, "I honestly believe you shouldn't have to know Net3 from the wind in your hair." Perhaps that's a fair statement - how many people in any office around the world have the slightest idea what's going on behind the scenes with...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by john.kuehl on 09-02-2008
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  • Where'd you get help before?

    I think I'm the stats guy of the blog group here, so how about another one: We have over 3,000 members of our online community, and we appreciate the contributions from each of them. When we talk about this group, which we do often, there's a rhetorical...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by john.kuehl on 08-21-2008
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  • The Seasons of Service

    It's the silly season in Technical Services. Summer time is when electrical contractors are let loose to install lighting systems in municipal buildings and since we are near the end of summer we are also facing crunch time in support. Oh, and so you...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by dnorth on 08-15-2008
  • The real story on Express and Expression

    Many of you may have heard that we had to abruptly stop taking orders for Express and Expression consoles a couple of weeks ago. With the dust having settled a bit I wanted to offer a clear (we'll see how clear!) explanation of what is up with these products...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by dlincecum on 08-13-2008
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  • Service throughout ETC

    Currently we have a number of Professional Services employees working with the fine folks in R+D on a several projects the most notable of which is the current development towards the release of the new Unison products. Also, just recently a Technical...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by dnorth on 08-11-2008
  • I Don't Want to be a Downer...

    It seems like there is always a good bit of talk about what a fun place ETC is to work but last night I was lying awake in bed obsessing over a number of different issue I need to deal with and felt that someone should address the fact that we do real...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by mmeskill on 07-29-2008
  • Rare sighting at ETC

    A very rare event was experienced today. A member of the ETC team retired and there was a party in town square! This is only known to have happened one time before and there was also a party for that occasion. Dean North has been with ETC over 12 years...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by dlincecum on 07-25-2008
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  • On the subject of fun

    As long as we are blogging about ETC being a fun place to work. I thought I would share this photo. It is on the door leading into Fred's office. The regular door - not the garage door. Fred posted the "addendum" at the bottom. Enough said. David Lincecum
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by dlincecum on 07-23-2008
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  • Lunchtime fun

    So just a couple of days ago Mike Meskill, Durrell Ramer and myself went to get a sandwich and soup for lunch. Durrell always suggests healthy food places during the rare times we head outside of the building together and it's for that, and the great...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by dnorth on 07-23-2008
  • The door's open, come on in!

    In the wee hours of the morning on Saturday of Workshop, Michael Harris and I were bantering about workshop and ETC culture. Michael has always been one of the attendees whom I really look forward to seeing. He’s always good for a laugh, a snippet of...
    Posted to Light Minds Think Alike by chiefjoseph on 07-22-2008
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