Bucky fever at ETC!

Yeah we got Bucky fever at ETC and Bucky came to visit today! What a great day.

If you are not familiar with Bucky Badger you should get to know him I love that guy! In fact - everybody loves Bucky!

I guess his ETC visit all started with fred and Susan Foster inviting 1000 ETC friends and family to come be Basgers at the UW Volleyball team game this weekend. Fred and Susan are very generous to make this offer and UW volleyball rocks! I mean these girls are good.

So I guess when you buy 1000 tickets Bucky is willing to come and visit. He made his way all around ETC.

He visited Wade at our new SMT line - where he inspected a SmartFade mother board (notice the thumbs up - it passed!)


He hauled some freight around in the warehouse!

Visited the Paint line.


He even took a conference call in the Presidents office.


Thanks Fred and Susan for the gift of Bucky and Badger Volleyball for ETC!

Published 10-04-2007 6:27 PM by dlincecum