I say DAY 1 because it is a 4 day show. That is not an easy thing. As someone who believes all trade shows should be 2 days, I must object.

Oh well. The ETC stand was as busy as ever - although many of us commented that it was not as busy as usual. Sunday is known as a day for tire kickers. The professional crowd comes during the week - when they are on payroll.

The demos went non-stop though as people paraded in to see Eos, Congo and Smartfade ML. I will feature more on our new products tomorrow.

Ofcourse today I was cruising the competition stands and really enjoying watching them work on their products. I also visited good friends of the family.

Lars and Lasse at the Capture stand.

Yngve continues the long debut of the E.go system!

Fred Foster and Lennart Knauf discuss the future of the E.go system.

Sarah Clausen and Oskar Krogell at the end of a long day of demos.

Dennis Varian converts Congo developer Bullen Lagerbielke to an Eos man. Bullen points out a small detail.

No need for alarm Dennis - remember, he likes things backwards.

Erik Larsen keeps the Sensor rack from falling onto Mike Wood.

Quite frankly there was very little noise today. Nothing really big to report on. Happy crowds, lots of food served and tired feet. I'll try to report more on the new innovations of the show tomorrow.



Published 09-09-2007 5:57 PM by dlincecum