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Construction at ETC - Again

Upon my return from PLASA, I was greeted by a new sight at ETC.

Yep - we are expanding again. Adding another 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space to our existing space. It is hard to believe that we have outgrown this building already, but the evidence is there. ETC just broke shipment and bookings records for 4 months straight! We kept breaking our own records.

The added square footage will support new product lines in 2008 and help us spread out a bit. The biggest impact on employees is the walk from the parking lot! It is going to get a lot longer. The new space is where the existing South parking lot is now.

I guess we could have bigger complaints. Our business is expanding - we are profitable - privately owned - the list goes on. I feel confident we will continue to expand our business.



Eos Wins!

It has been a grand slam for Eos on product awards this year as she wins the award for innovation at PLASA!

Do these guys look happy?


Representing ETC and holding the trophy-- Anne Valentino, Dennis Varian and Fred Foster. This is  agreat day for all ETC employees as we have all worked hard to make this a reality. Congratulations!

Celebrate! We are!


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I say DAY 1 because it is a 4 day show. That is not an easy thing. As someone who believes all trade shows should be 2 days, I must object.

Oh well. The ETC stand was as busy as ever - although many of us commented that it was not as busy as usual. Sunday is known as a day for tire kickers. The professional crowd comes during the week - when they are on payroll.

The demos went non-stop though as people paraded in to see Eos, Congo and Smartfade ML. I will feature more on our new products tomorrow.

Ofcourse today I was cruising the competition stands and really enjoying watching them work on their products. I also visited good friends of the family.

Lars and Lasse at the Capture stand.

Yngve continues the long debut of the E.go system!

Fred Foster and Lennart Knauf discuss the future of the E.go system.

Sarah Clausen and Oskar Krogell at the end of a long day of demos.

Dennis Varian converts Congo developer Bullen Lagerbielke to an Eos man. Bullen points out a small detail.

No need for alarm Dennis - remember, he likes things backwards.

Erik Larsen keeps the Sensor rack from falling onto Mike Wood.

Quite frankly there was very little noise today. Nothing really big to report on. Happy crowds, lots of food served and tired feet. I'll try to report more on the new innovations of the show tomorrow.



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Plasa – London – On the road again

Well, having been mum for 2 weeks, I am on the road again. I guess that not doing a blog post for 2 weeks is probably not “best practice” in the bloggers world. From time to time it seems to be my reality.

Today I have landed in London for PLASA 2007. I always enjoy the yearly excursion to the UK and try my best to make the most of the trip beyond the obviously important business reason for being here. After landing I took and afternoon walk through the city.

London has the spiciness of a big city, bustling with life, alongside a rich culture where things are just obviously, old.

Like most large cities, Space is at a premium. I cannot imagine what these shop owners pay in rents.

Do you see marmite on these shelves?

With the pound worth over 2 bucks this city bleeds your pocket rather quickly. I didn’t ask how much the Psychic readings costs – but if you are going to do readings on the street I definitely recommend a Volkswagen van as your office. It does lend a bit more credibility to the operation!

One of my favourite (British spelling) activities is riding the tube. Hopefully I will be able to keep doing it – I was told there was another strike planned this week.  I love the “authorized buskers.” 

These talented musicians are licensed to play for spare change throughout the tube.

They have adopted varying styles – solo pieces, ensembles, some even accompanying recorded tracks blasted through and amplifier.

You can hear and learn more about them at

I also enjoy British advertising on the tube. Perhaps these ads are showing in the US, but they have not made it Middleton yet.


I’ll be covering PLASA all week beginning Sunday. Please join me!


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