Have you ever attended a sales meeting?

A famous ETC marketing VP once referred to these annual events as a "blood sport."

Do these people look dangerous? No - not to a mere mortal - but to a marketing person this scene draws immediate fear!

As Anne Valentino presented her content to the sales team via telephone, I showed her "death by powerpoint" presentation locally on my PC in Holzkirchen. Sarah Clausen "skyped" me. As you can see from our chat below, after asking a few simple details about here segment of the meeting - She asks "is it bloody over there?"

Funny thing was that I was showing Anne's powerpoint onscreen so everyone in the meetnig got to see Sarah's question! Needless to say - she got a few laughs from the room.

Sarah - On video. Skype is a great application! If you do not use it - you should.


Published 08-06-2007 9:07 AM by dlincecum