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On a personal note

I will be on vacation beginning this Thursday the 14th - gone for about 10 days to my favorite place "up North" as we call it in Wisconsin. This is a place where I can truly drop off the radar and recreate. That is exactly what I plan to do.

Isn't amazing how the clock time can fly by? Year almost half way over? Impossible. You won't be hearing from me for a while - so I thought I would post some of my photographs of 'Up north" so you can enjoy my vacation with me!



Talk to again soon.



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Many people don't realize that the man who thought this whole "ETC Thing" up is a young guy!

We are celebrating Fred's 50th in style in Town Square today. His wife Susan arranged for Oreos and Milk to be served at 2pm for all Middleton employees.

We also have a great band playing - rocking the house actually!

I remember his 40th birthday and it hardly seems 10 years ago. Some marketing folks put a pile of dirt like a grave in his office. This is certainly a more productive celebration.

Fred with his mother (right) and Sister-in-law Nancy Titus (left)

ETC started in Freds garage and it has grown into something much more.

Ironically Fred's office is still in the garage

And the door stays open most of the time!

Late afternoon brought a Conga Line! Led by Dick Titus, President and COO.

I feel really grateful that Fred decided to keep ETC going all these years. ETC has brought light to venues around the world and the company has brought great jobs and much prosperity to many people all over the world. Happy Birthday Fred and congratulations for the impact you have had on so many people. It's great to see that you are only 50 years young and we have a lot to look forward to.


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