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The new faces of ETC

This is the first in a three part series about our controls product line at ETC. 


ETC’s past is firmly anchored in controls. Starting its life as an idea and a single product – ETC became known as a console boutique, creating such “category definers” as the Vision, the Microvision FX and the Expression. Times have changed and ETC has changed as well.

What has changed?

A little or a lot? Most lighting desks are still used primarily for plotting intensities. But going one step above basics, the function of the desk begins to expand exponentially. Figuring most prominently of course, are automated lights. Nipping at their heels are LED’s and Media servers. What does it mean? To the average lighting tech or designer; more work – more possibilities; to ETC – new ideas, changes in philosophy, a need to move in new directions.


ETC’s founder, Fred Foster, knew many years ago that we needed to do a rollup of all we knew and had learned and produce new control products that were tied to our legacy, but not bound by it. Several years after his call to action we have now introduced two major control platforms, which represent our heritage and pave the way to the future for ourselves and our customers. Eos and Congo: A tale of two consoles.

 Why two?

The most hotly debated issue at ETC for a while, the answer came from our past. We had two platforms in the past – and the result was good. If there were any chinks in our Obsession/Expression armor it may have been that they shared too much common ground. The logic of ‘two’ goes much further; it’s about choice; “Will you be having Red or White this evening?” We believe that products are no longer defined by the number of cues, macros and channels, but by their relevancy, personality, depth of character and principle of operation. (It’s much more like people are defined)


I think an automobile analogy plays well here. Lighting desk selection is very personal - like a car. Think about the car you drive; or would drive; or wish you could drive. Why did you - or would you - choose it? Style? Color? Power? Economy? Size? Chances are you liked it. It felt right. It WAS right. Lighting desks are the same way.


Ask yourself this; why does General Motors own Saab and Hummer? They are as different as, well as different as Eos and Congo in fact.



The recognition is here is that the “maker or producer” is not the ultimate deciding factor in the purchase. The real factors are style based. The same is true for lighting desks. We offer choice - Eos, Congo – they are as different as Porsche and Volkswagen – and as similar too.  Which will you drive?

ETC Heritage – More than you may think and not what may expect

 Beware. ETC heritage may not be exactly what you think it is any more. Over the past 30 years we have grown from a garage shop to a 150 million dollar worldwide company and our culture has been growing as steadily as our revenue. The addition of several European brands to our product line has allowed us to open our minds and hearts to new ways (sometimes old ways!) of thinking. As many customers around the world have tried our Congo and SmartFade products they have seen familiar and unfamiliar elements – but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We are growing, our ideas are growing, our products are growing.

You can grow with us! 


To be continued … Next Week - Get to know the players.


King Congo and EosZilla -- Is that you in the middle?


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An Obsession with Eos

It's not what your thinking. It's this:

My 6 year old daughter Tess is learning to spell. She loves words that she can now spell and uses them all of the time, regardless of context. (I think she can work on context when she is 7)

Lately there has been much talk of Eos in my home and Tess has learned to spell it, who it is, and what it is to me. So she keeps using it on her drawings. Here is the latest one.

What does the shark say as he surfaces?


The moral of this story? Everyone is talking about Eos!


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Sensor TS - Our best idea to date

Today I have guest post by Bryan Palmer- a project manager at ETC. He emailed me a great study of our dimming past and dimming future.

See his bright idea here.


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