Hello and welcome -- also featuring house rules

This is not really my brain, just things I think about and things I want to talk about.

I hope you will talk to me about these things. I plan to capture my random rambling thoughts on lighting and the lighting industry. You can read for free - you'll have to join our community  to add your own comments. PLEASE DO. In the near future, we will be opening product forums and more, so joining now is worth your time.

Full Disclosure - I work for ETC and as such will abide by certain rules that we as a company have set for me and my blog.

In general I subscribe to the WOMMA code of ethics. That said, as an employee of ETC I will balance WOMMA's code of ethics with my personal and professional responsibilities to ETC.

  1. My goal is to be open but there may be occasion to keep secrets - for example, I will talk about my work but don't expect me to publish all our product plans.
  2. This one goes for all of us (since you can comment on my blog) - In short, don't be a jerk... In long, do not post any material or links to material that is obscene, defamatory, profane, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful or embarrassing to another person or any other person or entity. This includes, but is not limited to, comments regarding ETC, ETC employees, ETC partners and ETC's competitors (it's just not cool). I will treat others as I would want to be treated, please do the same.
  3. I have to respect copyright and so do you. Please do not post any material or content that would violate any copyright law or other intellectual property law.
  4. I'll do my best to cite others and provide links to them.
  5. This blog is not intended to provide technical support for any ETC products. In the event you need technical support or service, please contact ETC Technical Support at 1-800-688-4116 (24/7 I might add!).

Finally, I hope to accomplish a couple of things with this blog;

  1. I hope to start a valuable conversation about our industry. About technology, about culture, about the arts in general and about lighting specifically.
  2. I hope to learn a bit from you - to get feedback, to have an honest dialogue where your thoughts can be heard.
  3. I hope to have fun.


Published 10-18-2006 9:05 PM by dlincecum
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